Stuctural Steel Tubes

More than just a piece of Tube.

Tubecon prides itself on being a very experienced manufacturer and supplier of cold formed hollow sections. Round, square and rectangular structural steel tubes are cold formed and supplied to the South African market in: mild steel, cold rolled steel, high tensile material, pre galvanized material as well as in 3CR12 (stainless steel).

The table below indicates the tube type and the material used most often:

Tube Type Material Quality Specification
Hot Rolled SAE1008 SANS657-1: 2005
Hot Rolled S355 SANS657-1: 2005
Cold Rolled SAE1010 SANS657-1: 2005
Pre-Galvanized Z275 SANS657-1: 2005
Pre-Galvanized Z450 SANS657-1: 2005
Hot Rolled 3CR12
Cold Rolled 3CR12

*Other materials are available on request

Heavy walled steel tubes are one of the core products of our wide product range and one we are renowned for making to exceptional accuracy. Industries in Southern Africa profiting from this structural steel tube are the mining industry (conveyor rollers), the truck and trailer industry, machine builders, construction and many more.

We always strive to ensure that our product is suitable for the customer's application and will settle for no less than that. To achieve this we implement strict quality control measures and maintain them by means of the international ISO9001 standards system. Sophisticated digital solutions enable us to incorporate custom specifications to any cold-formed round, square and rectangular steel hollow sections.

Tubecon also stocks and delivers larger diameter or 'Big Bore' tubes in Southern Africa. These structural steel tubes are large, cold formed, welded tubes which can be cold drawn to square and rectangular steel tubes from the correct mother tube.

Cold rolled steel tubes can be internally scarfed or fin controlled while rolling. Tubecon also stocks a wide variety of scarfed and fin controlled steel tubes. An internally scarfed tube's weld is scarfed out during the rolling process while a fin controlled steel tube's weld is a constant thickness throughout the tube, this being kept to a minimum. With our head office located in Pretoria, Gauteng, and a branch in Cape Town we are able to roll-form and supply to a large part of the South African market. Our structural steel tubes and profiles are supplied into areas such as Durban, Bloemfontein, Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp almost daily.

Due to 3CR12 being a South African innovation and Tubecon's facilities and well established connection to its source, export of structural tube in 3CR12 is feasible.

We implement Lean Manufacturing, as a means to improve our own production performance. Reliable delivery is achieved by this continuous improvement process.

We stock a wide range of standard items in the heavy gauge range to facilitate the short lead times. Due to the aforementioned improvements to our production process however, we can also supply non-standard items surprisingly rapidly.

Closed Profiles

Welded Steel Tube Profiles

Tubecon's ability does not stop at manufacturing standard sections.

Welded steel profiles are achievable either off mill or from draw benches.  Sheet is incrementally formed from a coil into a mother tube. The mother tube is then welded hereafter the hollow steel profile is pressed. Various steel tube profiles are viewed as standard in the South African market.

These steel profiles include:

  • D-Sections:

    These steel profiles are most commonly rolled from hot rolled material and most commonly used as post for street signage boards.

  • Oval Tubes:

    Mostly rolled from cold rolled material. Used for aesthetic end products such as furniture.

  •   Standard oval steel tubes are usually flat or elliptical and add to the cosmetic finish of the manufactured item.

  • Dome Section:

    The steel profile is used for hand railing, either indoors or for outdoor purposes.

  • Hydrabolt Steel Profile:

    This welded hollow steel profile is used in the mining industry as a roof support. These tubes are mostly rolled from high strength steel.  

Drawings of these sections can be viewed in the Catalogue.

Some of the more standard steel closed profiles are stocked in the most popular lengths and wall thicknesses. This enables us to supply to our customers as quickly as possible.

Cut-to-length facilities are also available and profiles can be cold formed from 3CR12 stainless steel, high tensile steel or commercial quality mild steel.

Customized cold formed closed profiles can be accommodated by Tubecon. Visit the link below for tips on how to design one of these sections optimally.

  Welded and Open Profile Design Tips