Application Specific Tubes

Air Heater

Heat Exchanger Tubes

Heat exchanger tubes are manufactured in accordance with the BS6326 standard. The items are internally scarfed and can be supplied with a pressure test certificate.

The tubes can be supplied up to any length and manufactured from a variety of materials, 300WA and Corten-A are common materials used.

A heat exchanger is a complex product requiring a lot of effort to manufacture. The last thing our customers would want is for the final product to contain a leaking tube. Proper quality control measures are therefore paramount to ensure our clients' peace of mind.

Borehole Casing Tubes

Borehole Casing

Increasing our product range on cold formed welded sections to increase our value proposition toward our customers is key to our overall expansion in the mild steel and tubular markets, not only within South Africa but also abroad.

Though our internal cold forming capability has some limitations Tubecon manufactures mild steel and high strength steel borehole casings up to 165mm outside diameter. These circular hollow sections can be rolled to the length requirements specified by the customer thus reducing offcuts and cost that the end user may have incurred by procuring standard six meter steel tubing. Larger sections are imported from well selected manufacturers of cold formed high frequency welded mild steel tubing as well as API5L tubular sections.

These sections are cold formed mostly from higher strength S355 material. Thus making Tubecon the most desirable choice when it comes to, lead time, quality and tolerance.

We have near perfected the forming of steel round square and rectangular tubes at Tubecon.

Advantages of Borehole Casing Steel tube include:

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Advantage Description
Heat Resistance Steel Borehole Casing tubes have a higher heat resistance.
Weldability Our steel Borehole Casing tubes can be welded together with relative ease.
High Strength Steel Casings have a higher strength that can keep the borehole from collapsing or the casing from being bent.
Compressive Strength Steel tubes have a higher compressive strength than your other materials.

Mechanical Properties of Borehole Casing:

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Circular Hollow Section Size (mm)
CHS 114
CHS 127
CHS 139
CHS 152
CHS 165
CHS 177
CHS 194
CHS 203
CHS 219
CHS 245
CHS 273
CHS 324
CHS 356
CHS 406

Conveyor Tubes

Conveyor Roller Tubes

Rolling Quality Tube for Rollers

A significant portion of Tubecon's products end up in the mining and industrial sectors. One of the prominent products that does so is the conveyor roller tubes which is cold-formed and manufactured according to SANS657-3 specification.

Conveyor roller tubes are used for transporting or handling heavy bulk material over a longer distance. Our mills consistently manage to exceed the demands required by the SANS657-3, in particular our conveyor idler tube is known for its superior tolerances on ovality. On this merit, combined with the delivery service we provide, we have become one of the largest conveyor and steel tubes suppliers in Southern Africa.

Tubecon keeps stock of all popular conveyor tube dimensions, but can also roll-form to special lengths. We have recently manufactured 3CR12 stainless steel conveyor tubes successfully. The manufacturing of 3CR12 products, including conveyor tubes, is the latest addition to our material offering which we have pursued and our ability to supply 3CR12 tube and pipe is continuing to grow rapidly.

Tubecon also offers a cut-to-size service for conveyor roller tubs as well as our other products which allows our clients to drastically reduce their own production times and decrease the amount of waste generated in their manufacturing process. Our friendly sales team will gladly provide more information regarding our conveyor tubes and the above mentioned possibilities.

Tubecon is accredited to manufacture the following Conveyor idler tubes:

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Size Wall Thickness Length
101.6 3.50 7.32
127.0 3.80 7.32
127.0 4.50 7.32
152.4 4.00 7.32

All conveyor tubes manufactured by Tubecon are according to SANS 657-3:2005 specifications.

Lancing Tubes

Thermal/Oxygen Lancing Tubes

Blazing the Trail

Oxygen Lancing is a method where oxygen is used to cut through materials. This is done by feeding pressurized oxygen through a steel tube. The pressure of the oxygen causes the oxidized material to be blown away from the cut area. Temperatures of 2 000°C to 4 000°C is used to cut different types of materials in various industries.

A thermal or oxygen lance is a tool that is used to heat and melt iron with pressurized oxygen to create extremely high temperatures which is used for cutting steel.

Tubecon manufactures 3 different lancing tube types with the preferred type a 'one to fit the other' flared lancing tube. The diameter of the tube at one end is increased so that another tube will fit into the same size. Flared lancing tubes does not require a ferule ensuring a safer system for the operator due to the possibility of a leak in the ferule system being eliminated. The leak occuring in the ferule system can cause burn back to the lance operator. On top of the aforementioned the flared lancing tube reduces the lancing period and saves production time.

Advantages of Tubecon's Flared (one-to-fit-the-other) Lancing Tubes

  1. Safety

    1. Tubecon lancing tube: one seal instead of two seals per joint. 50% less chance of leak.
    2. Joint side facing the operator has no seal therefore any flushes will be directed away from the operator towards the tap hole.
    3. The diameters of the tubes are closely controlled to ensure the tubes fit perfectly into one another, minimising the possibility of leaks occurring.
  2. Production

    1. In some cases ferules are welded onto the tubes, adding an extra process, taking production time. In this case flared lancing tubes safe time.
    2. Ferules tend to fall off causing longer production time.
  3. Various lengths can be supplied:

    Longer lengths can increase worker safety.

Difference between Tubecon's lancing tubes and others

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Tubecon Others
No ferule Ferule
Flared Screwed
Different lengths Standard lengths
No burn back Burn back

The following lancing tubes are manufactured and supplied by Tubecon:

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Lancing Tube Type Purpose
Open Lance For short spells of lancing
Flared (to fit itself) For continuous production the first lancing tube is flared to fit the next
Wire Pack For precision and accurate cutting Tubecon Lance is wire pack.

Popular dimensions in the South African market are: 12.7, 13.5 (8NB), 15.8, 17.0 (10NB) and 21.4 (15NB). Tubecon manufactures and supplies all these sizes in various lengths to customers across Southern Africa.

Scaffolding Tubes

In the South African Construction Industry, scaffolding refers to a temporary structure which is built to support the people as well as the materials used during the construction or repairing of a building.

Tubecon Manufactures scaffolding tubes in the following sizes:

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Size Wall Thickness Length Material
48.4 2.65 6.100 High Tensile/S355
48.4 3.35 6.100 High Tensile/S355

We are able to roll scaffold tubes in different lengths according to customer specifications. Tubecon Africa manufactures its steel tubing and other hollow sections in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards.

For any enquiries, do not hesitate to call one of our sales team members.

Water Pipes

Tubecon manufactures, supplies and stocks water pipe that is within the SANS 62-1:2003 specification. Water pipes, as with all our steel tubes can be cut to the customer's size specification.

Tubecon manufactures and supplies medium class walled nominal bore steel pipes and external and internal weld beads can be removed. Each of these steel pipes is pressure tested according to the table below:

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Outside Diameter Hydraulic Pressure
8-40mm 70 Bar
50-80mm 60 Bar
100-150mm 50 Bar