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We at Tubecon will gladly help you with any questions regarding engineering and mechanics. Over the years we have collected a wide range of information. At Tubecon we understand the importance of good advice and knowledge. We hope that you can use our information in both your daily work and dealing with clients.

On the Wiki page our visitors would be able to find ample information regarding steel tubing, hollow sections, open profiles, technical aspects and many more.

On the Wiki page you will find information other than the steel tubes and cold formed sections that Tubecon manufactures and supplies in the South African market. Though our experience is extensive in the manufacturing of steel tubes and profiles we have added information to the Wiki page off products that we do not manufacture or supply. If there is any uncertainty on which products Tubecon would be able to roll-form or supply please do not hesitate to contact one of our more than capable sales staff.

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Please keep in mind that the information on the Wiki-page is informative only. Please have a look at our product page to see which products we do offer. The information on this page is gathered from a variety of sources.