Rules of the game

As a steel tube and profile manufacturer the quality of our products is extremely important and a clear distinction is made between an off-mill product with high quality and a lower quality (non-prime/B-Grade) tube. Especially during the mill set-up, in preparation for a new rolling, non-prime products are generated. These items which we do not classify as good enough to be seen as A-Grade quality, but still more than usable, are separated and sold as B-Grade tubes.

The conditions of sale for Tubecon B-Grade material are as follow (please read carefully as it differs from the A-Grade conditions):

  • B-Grade material is sold as is, no guarantees on these items will be given and it is non-refundable.
  • Supply of material will be subjected to the standard terms and conditions of Tubecon Africa (Pty)Ltd, except for the conditions on warranty and refundability.
  • B-Grade material must be collected from Tubecon's premises.
  • B-Grade is sold subject to availability, which will be checked upon stated interest.
  • Prices are based on the mass required.
  • B-Grade purchases are subject to a first come first serve basis, an order will not secure your stock.
  • Lengths of material may vary.

Below is a list of the common defects our B-Grade tubes have:

  • Cross Weld
  • Bad Weld
  • Open Seam (Tube didn't weld)
  • Out of Spec
  • Damaged

All of the above faults are most of the time only a small part of the tube that can be cut off while the rest of the tube is as good as A-Grade quality tubes and can be used for various applications. However, it is advised that these tubes are only used for applications which are non-critical or where the customer is capable of correcting defects like straightening the tube or welding the open seams closed, if necessary.

Information or pictures about the state of the B-Grade will not and cannot be supplied by our sales team. The customer; however, is more than welcome to come to our premises to have a look at the tubes and will only be removed when and order is placed.

Our policy which we stand firm to is that in the event of a customer being concerned about the details of the tube then the B-Grade is deemed as non-suitable for the application and A-Grade is the only viable option.