Customized Open Profiles

Customized Steel Perfection

Tubecon's customer specific profiles can be cold roll-formed with a strip width of up to 600mm, one of the largest in the industry.

This allows our customers the rare opportunity to design open profiles and open-sections to best suit their needs. Our experienced engineering and sales teams are more than capable of assisting in designing the most feasible cold-formed steel open section for our customers.

Steel profiles can be hot-formed or cold-formed. If the temperature of the steel is above its recrystallization temperature while rolling, the process is known as hot forming. The cold forming process is when the temperature of the steel is below recrystallization temperature during rolling. Simply put; cold forming implies that the manufacturing of the steel open sections occurs at room temperature using rolling or pressing to form the steel sheet to its usable profile form.

Cold forming is a forming process wherein sheet or de-coiled steel are moved through various pairs of rolls on the mill. The slit steel strip is then passed through sets of rolls that are mounted on consecutive stands. These rolls perform an incremental part of the desired bend until the steel open section is obtained.

The advantage of cold roll-forming is that open profiles can be cold-formed in large quantities with tighter tolerances than hot forming.

Tubecon can roll-form light to heavy gauge profiles within the customer's specified tolerances. Profiles such as top hats, Z-profiles, non-standard lip channels and other open channels can be cold formed from hot-rolled or cold-rolled material and cut to size from various materials, including Z275 and 3CR12.

The following value adding operations are available:

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Operation Description
Cut to size Customer cold-formed profiles can be cut to the customers' size requirement
Punching Hole punching can be accommodated on these steel profiles