Irrigation Tubing

Tubecon's most recent addition to cold forming steel solutions is the ability to manufacture thin wall-thickness for the steel tubes that are used in irrigation.

The steel irrigation tubing consists of standard sizes 50.8mm, 70.0mm, 88.9mm 108mm and 159mm outer diameters manufactured mostly from stainless steel, mild steel and cold rolled steel.

Irrigation or Rizor steel tubes are used by attaching Perrot and Bauer couplings to the end of each, therefore extending the irrigation tubing in order to transport water over the required distance.

Cold formed steel irrigation tubing is used primarily in the agricultural industry. However thin gauge cold formed sections can be used in other applications then irrigation, such as down pipes specifically in designing of steel structures for warehousing and manufacturing as well as steel casing for boreholes. Along with other steel related value adding activities Tubecon can roll the steel irrigations tubes in 0.9mm, 1.2mm wall thickness cold rolled SAE 1010. As well as 1.6mm wall thickness hot rolled SAE 1008.

These cold formed steel tubes are pressure tested to ensure they can handle water pressure of 12 bar as a standard water pressure, to ensure the quality if the irrigation tubes they are tested to 18 bar that is 1.5 times the standard water pressure.