Steel tubes and profiles beyond our borders.

Continuous improvement is at the centre of Tubecon Africa's success and growth over the years. This has formed a trend of constantly looking for new opportunities and markets to pursue.

The supply of lancing tubes and conduit to customers in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and other neighbouring countries opened new doors for us. Starting with only one or two customers in a few industries we are now supplying tubes, lip channels and closed profiles to various industries in markets across the South African Border.

Furthermore, a gap in the Australian market has presented itself which allowed us to have numerous successful shipments of various steel tubes and profiles in the past few years. We have learned all that there is to know regarding the export process which enables us to flawlessly handle everything from quoting to the supply and delivery of steel tubes to the Australia port stipulated by our customer.

The focus is not only on growing the Australia, Namibia, Botswana and the other neighbouring countries but broadening our export services even further to more countries on various continents where we have a foot in the door.

If you have any questions, enquiries and/or orders, please contact our sales team: sales@tubecon.co.za or +27 12 541 3211