Open Profiles

Open Sections and Profiles


Open sections are cold formed steel profiles that has a noticeable gap between two of the profiles edges. The fact hat the opening is relatively wide from one edge to another differentiates open profiles from closed profiles and welded sections. Typical open profiles can be seen in the picture on the left. Welded sections include all round, square, rectangular, and profile steel tubes that are seam welded while a closed section refers to a profile with a minimum gap between the two edges without any connection being made.

Open sections include cold formed products such as lipped and open channels, angle irons and top hats. Heavier profiles include profiles such as fencing posts, top rails and side rails.

Open profiles are a very efficient for a customer to safe on cost and weight while keeping the strength of the profile intact. Cross-member sections used in trailer manufacturing are one such example on saving on weight.

A custom-cold formed profile has the added advantage that very tight tolerances can be achieved while forming large quantities.


Because these items differ from customer to customer tooling may have to be designed to ensure that the correct profile is rolled within tolerance. Tooling refers to the forming rolls on the mill that is used to sequentially form the flat steel sheet into the desired shape.

Tubecon is able to roll-form and punch lip and open channels from steel coil in a flat state according to customer specifications. Customized open sections such as Zed-purlins, Top Hats, and Guide Rails can be rolled. Steel sections are manufactured at our plant in Pretoria, Gauteng and supplied to Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and across all areas of South Africa.