Tubecon SunStep

Industrial Rooftop walkway Solutions

Tubecon SunStep is a cost effective steel solution for industrial rooftop walkways. The ideal walkway allowing you access to your roof and solar panels without damaging your roof sheeting. The SunStep system integrates roof-side cable and water management with a walking platform making it the ideal system for solar on IBR roofsheeting.

The SunStep solution allows for much better weight distribution over the roof. Not using clamps and other expensive add-ons the walkway consists of a walkway profile with integrated cable trunking channels. The system fastens directly to the roof while a cap-profile clips over the trunking to protect cables and hook the trunking to the walkway for extra stability. A few screws and stainless steel cable ties are all that are required for fastening allowing for quick and efficient installation.

The Walkway

Made from high strength galv (Z275) the 300mm area allows not only for ample walk space but completely avoids point load. The steel channel is placed flush on the IBR, therefore the load is distributed over all touch points on the IBR and no additional fixing units is required.

The flanges are made 40mm high to improve rigidity and fits flush to the cable trays on either side. Drainage holes are punched on the corners of the walkway to ensure limited risk of water staying inside the walkway. These holes are also used to secure the walkway to the cable trays that is fixed onto the roof by method of stainless steel cable ties.

The Cable Tray

A 75x50x10x1.2 galvanised steel lip channel is used as cable trays. As with the walkway the cable tray has holes pre punched to ensure water drainage. On the flanges 22 diameter holes are punched which allows the cables to enter the side through sprag conduit and glands.

The Cable Tray Lid

Purpose made bent steel lid from 0.8mm Z275 clips neat and tight over the outside of the cable tray and the inside of the walkway, protecting cables from direct rains and sunlight. Easy and light to put on and take off with zero holes and screws required allows for quick assembly and effective fault finding.

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Product Advantage Description
Walkway Load Distribution Due to the walkway lying flat on the IRB the load distribution is over a much larger area.
Quick Installation Because the walkway fits between the two cable trays and ties with stainless steel cable ties and not special brackets with screws is much faster to get onto your roof.
Work Area Turn the walkway around to provide a working area where boxes can be unpacked.
Cable Tray Customizable Width The width of the cable tray can be customized such to accommodate more cables.
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