Welded Precision Tube

Precision Drawn Tubes

Stringent Requirements Demand Attention

When tight tolerances and cost constraints conflict as they generally do, our clients turn to us with an interesting question. Can we improve on the tolerances specified for normal, freely available, tubing? Can it still be feasible if the volumes required are not exceptionally high? Yes.

If you have an application where controlled sizes could improve your performance, talk to us. With Tubecon's more than 30 year experience in tube manufacturing we should be able to meet the challenge.

Industries where controlled tolerances already make our client's life easier are for example: Automotive, furniture, household appliances and many more. These precision tubes, as with our other products, are cold formed from hot rolled or cold rolled material.

Special requirements on precision drawn tube need not be limited to tolerance-control. Special lengths or cut to size specifications, special materials (high tensile, pre-galvanized steel or 3CR12) and requirements with regard to the position of the weld are all possibilities. Special non-standard shapes and profiles can also be cold-formed. High strength steel such as Domex and Supraform can be drawn and annealed.

Tubecon can accommodate our clients to a higher degree than most companies in -and out of- the industry. This is a result of our extremely flexible nature. So try us with your ideas, we are always eager to help.

Plug Drawn Tubes

Plug drawn precision tubes

Unbeatable tolerance

When a client requires a steel tube with an accurate outside and inside diameter, a smooth inner surface or the tube may need to fit into another product, Tubecon is more than happy to oblige.

The outer and inner diameter is controlled by a process known as plug drawing. This process allows Tubecon to draw the material very precisely, known as precision drawing. The tube is manipulated according to the sizes and tolerances our clients specify, even if these are much higher than the DIN standards for normal welded tube. Tolerances tighter than 0.01mm are achievable. These products are particularly suitable for the automotive industry but other industries could profit from this process as well.

In the past Tubecon has drawn a variety of precision steel tubes and we do have a lot of experience in this field.

In short: If you need very accurate outside and inside diameters, talk to us, we'll make it!