Kitting Services


Derived from our vision to be the best steel section supplier in Southern Africa we continuously strive to increase the amount of value we can provide to our customers. On the back of our recent additions namely steel-tube laser cutting, steel plate laser cutting and bending break work we have geared our self-developed software systems to effectively combine all value adding solutions into a single kit.

Short kit made of laser cut tubes
Short kit made of laser cut tubes
Short kit made of laser cut tubes

Kitting is the process of grouping selected steel components together as per customer requirement. These parts consist of all steel products manufactured in-house. Most common would include cold formed steel hollow sections, rolled to length or cut to length steel tubing, steel tube cut through tubelaser, steel sheet laser cutting and bending.These various parts of steel are grouped together and sent to the customer as a single stock code.

The aim and success of kitting lies in the time saving for the customer specifically related to material handling and assembling, also increasing traceability of steel parts within large manufacturing organisations.

Big laser cut tubes in kit

We have specialised engineers that would be glad to help you with the kit layout and improving the assembly process to make is as efficient as possible.

Detailed drawing of laser cutting and kitting