Cold Drawn Tubes

Standard steel tubes to custom. Fast.

Cold drawn steel tubes and profiles have been part of Tubecon's product range almost since the company was established. In recent times it has received renewed interest as a mechanism to improve the logistic capabilities of the company. The minimum economic batch quantity of this process is much lower than that of tube mills. This allows us to supply relatively unpopular sized square and rectangular steel tubes and hollow sections as well as a vast range of non-standard round steel profiles in a reasonably short time.

Cold drawing is a rolling process which implies that the operation is not limited to producing square and rectangular welded sections. A large variety of cold-formed steel profiles can be manufactured, ranging from domed profiles, D-section tubes and ovals. Triangular profiles are also possible. Tubecon supplies various drawn profiles into the South African market. Tubes can also be precision drawn, if you are looking to control the ID of the tube.

The addition of big bore steel tubes to Tubecon's stockholding has brought with it the capacity to draw large square and rectangular steel tubes from the closest possible mother tube. This provides our customers with the best possible solution for their problems and takes Tubecon closer to becoming South Africa's leading steel tube and profile supplier.

An important aspect that has to be noted is that cold drawn items' aesthetic appearance may differ from normal cold-formed steel tubes.

Welded and precision drawn steel tubing is the preferred tubing choice in terms of economy, lead time and tolerance compared to seamless in most instances.

We at Tubecon thrive on challenges and would always be keen to try and make your dream a reality.