Value Added Services

Tubecon takes pride in having the fastest turnaround time in South Africa for both stocked mild steel and structural tubes as well as on the various value adding services we offer.

Being the fastest mild steel and structural steel manufacturer in South Africa does not mean that we sacrifice other important aspects to get this done. We have implemented exceptional IT software to ensure that the transition from order to delivery off the steel sections is done with great speed and accuracy. Our engineering, maintenance and production departments ensure that we achieve fast changes between the rolling of different structural and welded steel tubes and profiles.

As well as carrying a large variety off stock on mild steel sections and welded profiles Tubecon offers the following value adding services:

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Value adding Type Explanation
Cut/Roll to Length steel sections: Round, square and rectangular structural steel tubes can be rolled to size from the mill. We try to keep our rolling dates as close as possible to each other to ensure that each tube size has the shortest lead time possible. Tubecon also cuts-to-length with a tolerance off +/-1mm on all mild steel tube sizes. Lip channels can be rolled to size with a tolerance off +3-5mm. This value adding service is available for mild steel, high strength steel and 3CR12 stainless steel tubes.
Punching Inline punching can be done on most mild steel lip channels and open profile sections.
Painting Tubecon has the facility to paint cold rolled conduit with black enamel paint. Lip channels, steel tubes and other structural sections can also be painted with red oxide or grey primer to protect against rusting
Flaring Flaring is a process whereby the end of the steel tube is expanded by pushing a flaring tool inside the tube. Lancing tube makes use of flared tube, enabling one tube to fit inside another. This method ensures that the user of the lancing tube is protected from flare back.
Swaging Tubecon can hammer swage mild steel, high strength steel tubes and pre-galvanized steel tube. This is a process where the end of the tube is crimped to a size that is smaller than the original OD of the steel tube.
Pressure Testing Round steel tubes used in pressure applications can be pressure tested to determine if there is any weld leaks in the circular hollow section.

Cutting Services

As Usual, a Cut Above the Rest

Cut-to-size Steel Tubes

One of the many value adding services that Tubecon is able to add onto our high quality steel tubes and open sections is a cut-to-length service.

Customer specific tolerances on the cutting of structural and mild steel hollow sections of up to ±0.1mm can be achieved. Lip channels can be rolled to size from the mill.

Tubecon takes pride in providing fast lead times and excellent quality on our tube cutting service. Customers' specify the lengths they require, thereafter it is determined if it can be rolled-to-size off mill otherwise steel products will be cut-to-length. The advantages of having your steel cut-to-length by Tubecon are numerous, including scrap reduction, increased production space and increased productivity to name but a few.

Tubecon is able to assist you with a wide product range including round, square and rectangular tubes rolled from mild steel, high tensile steel, Domex and other high strength steels, galvanized steel or 3CR12. All these lines can be cut to length for your convenience.

Coating services

Coating for Comfort

Tubecon can assist our customers with the supply of pre-coated steel sections or tubes and lip channels that have been coated after it is rolled.


Pre-coated steel tubes and lip channels are primarily rolled from pre-galvanized material which can be attained in Z275 and Z450 coatings. Quotes on other coatings, such as Z100 pre-galv can be supplied on enquiry. Not only is Z275 pre galvanized material used for the rolling of lip channels to serve as purlins on steel structures but can also be rolled into round, square and rectangular steel tubes. The corrosion resistant aspects carried by Z275 material makes it a very popular grade of steel to use in coastal areas. The Z275 also prevents the steel from rusting too quickly. High strength coated steel can also be cold formed as tube or open section. The Z275 refers to Zinc and a total of 275 grams of Zinc per square meter on both sides.

Z450 material is mainly used in the forming of steel conduit.

Coatings after Rolling:

Various coatings can be applied after the steel sections or lip channels have been rolled. For lip channels red-oxide and grey primer coatings are the most popular. Tubecon's black enamel conduit is rolled from cold rolled steel and then coated with a black etch primer.

Larger and big bore steel tubes that Tubecon stock in round, square and rectangular profiles can be coated after manufacturing with a weld able and bendable black etch primer.

Bending Services

Flexibility means Bending for Customers

As an additional service Tubecon will supply tubes bent according to customer drawing.

All that is required from the customer is a drawing or sample and specification of any tolerances the part must comply to.

The entire process entails cutting followed by bending. Should the quantities merit this we will roll special lengths to eliminate off-cuts. A major advantage of getting your bends directly from Tubecon.

So try Tubecon for bending, we may surprise you with what we are capable of.