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Technical excellence

Tubecon cold forms steel from rolled up steel coils into a variety of products including conduit, steel hollow sections, open profiles, lip channels, water pipes and conveyor tubes.

The technical page will give you an indication to the types of steel that we have at our disposal, such as 3CR12 (Stainless Steel), Z275 (Pre-galvanized Steel) and S355 (High Tensile Steel). Each type of steel has its own characteristics and composition and choosing the correct steel type for your application is important.

Various sizes of steel tubes and lip channel that we can roll-form are indicated under the sizes page. Please note that this is only the most popular sizes and that we do stock, and are capable of cold-forming and drawing other sizes as well. So please feel free to contact our sales department for any enquiry you may have regarding any mild steel, 3CR12 or pre-galvanized open section, lipped channel, circular hollows or shaped hollow.

We cold-roll our steel hollow profiles and channels according to SANS 657, SANS 62 (Water Pipe) and SANS 1065 (Conduit). There are a variety of standards and specifications to adhere to depending on where and who you are supplying to.

Below is an indication to some of the specifications:

  • EN 10219-1 (1997): European standard on cold formed welded structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steels.
  • JIS G 3444 (1994): Japanese Industrial Standard for Carbon steel tubes used in general structural purposes
  • JIS G 3466 (1988): Japanese Industrial Standard for Carbon steel rectangular and square tubes used for structural purposes
  • AS 1163 (1991): Australian Standard on structural steel hollow sections
  • ASTM A500 (1996): American Society for Testing of Materials for welded and seamless cold formed round, square and rectangular structural tubes

Attaining accurate information regarding steel is rather difficult as there are a large variety of sources to tap on the internet. Tubecon created a Wiki page where we are aiming to assist our customers and other visitors through the site with as much as possible condensed information as possible. This information covers aspects such as steel hollow sections, cold rolled flat bar and angle iron, cold forming, hot rolling, lip channels, bolts and nuts, galvanizing and many more. The Wiki page is an informative page gathered from a variety of sources and if credible information is required other sources should be researched.