Specifications and Standards on Tubular Products and Materials thereof

Standards are specific requirements and guidelines according to which products and materials need to be manufactured. By manufacturing according to certain standards Tubecon ensures that all our products are suitable for specific applications.

Below are the different specifications according to which Tubecon can manufacture.

1.1 SANS Specification:

Tubecon Africa is a TÜV Rheinland ISO 9001:2008 accredited company and all our products conform to the relevant SANS (South African National Standards) specifications.

We pride ourselves in the following these SANS specifications stipulated by the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) to ensure that our customers get the best possible quality round, square and rectangular tubes as well as open and closed profiles. Tubecon ensures that they keep up to date with the latest SANS specifications and will continue to increase the quality of our products on a daily basis.

Tubecon mainly manufactures according to the following SANS specifications:

  • SANS 657-1:2005 on general tubing
  • SANS 657-3:2005 on conveyor tubing
  • SANS 62-1:2003 on water pipe
  • SANS 61386 on conduit

For more information on the SANS specifications for steel tubes and profiles visit: www.store.sabs.co.za

1.2 EN Specifications:

The EN specifications refers to European Standards.

Tubecon can also manufacture tubing according to the following EN Specifications for precision tubes:

  • EN 10305-2 on welded cold drawn precision steel hollow sections
  • EN 10305-3 on welded and rolled to size precision steel hollow tube, direct of mill.
  • EN 10305-5 on welded and rolled to size square and rectangular precision steel tubes.

The EN specifications stated above replaced the following DIN (German institute for standardisation) specifications:

  • DIN 2393 on welded cold drawn precision steel hollow sections was replaced by EN 10305-2
  • DIN 2394 on welded and rolled to size precision steel hollow tube was replaced by EN 10305-3
  • DIN 2395 on welded and rolled to size square and rectangular precision steel tubes was replaced by EN 10305-4

For all structural tubing Tubecon can manufactured according to the following specifications:

  • EN 10219 on cold formed welded structured hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steels
  • EN 10219-1 covers all the technical delivery conditions
  • EN 10219-2 contains all information required regarding tolerances, dimensions and sectional properties.

1.3. International Specifications Compared:

The following file indicates the various international standards for welded cold-formed structural tubing: round, square and rectangular. These specifications can be compared to the steel types that Tubecon currently use in our roll forming of structural tubes and profiles.

International Specifications.pdf

1.4 EN vs DIN

The following link indicates which EN specifications (new classifications) replaced which DIN specifications (old classifications). These tables are to serve as an indication only, for more accurate information other sources have to be researched.

EN vs DIN.pdf