Tubecon History

40 years of change and improvement.

For more than 40 years Tubecon has been active in the steel tube and pipe, steel profile and steel hollow section industry in South Africa. Always striving to provide a level of service that could not be matched. The company started out in 1977 ;as a manufacturer of ;sockets, bends, clamps and such-like attributes but soon began manufacturing steel tubing and steel hollow sections as well. First only by conversion on draw benches but then later also manufacturing the welded steel tube completely from strip on ERW tube mills. The steel tubing division has since evolved into Tubecon's main activity while coil slitting and downstream processing of the welded steel tube, steel pipe and rolled steel profiles has complemented the span of Tubecon's activity. Right from the start, being a steel tube and hollow steel section stockholder as well as steel tube and hollow section manufacturer to provide a high degree of stock availability has been part of the Tubecon philosophy.

In short Tubecon has become both a manufacturer and supplier of round, square and rectangular steel tubes as well as a stockist or merchant. Tubecon therefore caters for both ;a specialised market as well as for the standard South African market, stocking standard sizes on steel tubes and lip channels as well as roll to customer specifications.

Over the years the following products have become part of our product range:

  • Round, square and rec steel tubes
  • Industry specific tubes such as conveyor tubing
  • Electrical Conduit and Accessories
  • Open Channel and Lip Channel
  • Closed profiles such as D-sections
  • Open profiles such as steel top hat sections
  • Plug drawn and precision drawn steel tubes