ISO 9001

Invisible when present, visible when absent...

Tubecon manufactures its steel tubing and other hollow sections in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards.

The standards set by ISO 9001 ensure that the desirable aspects of our products are safeguarded from deterioration. This offers you, the client, peace of mind that every time you receive tube or other steel sections from our company it will be in accordance to your expectations and previous experience with us. Batch to batch, month to month, year in and year out.

This may not seem important, for when high standards are met repeatedly they tend to be taken for granted. Should you find yourself in a situation where these standards are however not met, the value of accreditation becomes more evident.

Imagine a scenario where tube dimensions vary from batch to batch, the tube sporadically not fit over your mandrel bender or not slide into another tube or pipe. We strive to supply all our products with a consistent quality. If our products' quality is inconsistent we would make it our top priority to rectify it.

Remember that the quality of your own product can only be as consistent as that of your input material.

This is why these standards are of such high importance to us and why we at Tubecon, take them very seriously.

Further accreditations and marks Tubecon holds are:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • SANS 61386-1 (Electrical conduit)
  • SABS IEC 61386-1:1996 (Electrical conduit)
  • SANS 61386 21 & 23 (Electrical conduit)
  • SANS 657-1 (DIN 2394 or EN 10305--3)
  • SABS 657-3:2005 (Conveyor tube)
  • SANS 62-1 (Waterpipe)

When standards are absent, it is soon noticed!