Steel Industry

Terminology Used In The Steel Industry

The table below indicates common terms and abbreviations used in the steel manufacturing and procurement industry in South Africa.

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Abbreviation Full Name Example
HR Hot Rolled Tubecon supplies round square and rectangular steel tubes from hot rolled material
CR Cold Rolled Material used to form steel tubes and profile, easier to bend and coat than hot rolled material
P&O Pickled & Oiled Hot rolled steel coils that undergoes an additional process which reduces scale and allows easier bending
T.S Tensile Strength Is the maximum amount of stress steel can withstand before necking occurs
Y.S Yield Strength Maximum stress that steel can take before it will start plastic deformation (Will not return to original shape)
El Elongation Elongation is the difference in length before and after applied load
Dia Diameter The length of a cross sectional line passing through the centre of a round tube
ID Inside Diameter Steel pipes, i.e. water pipes, are classified according to their inside diameter (as they are vessels)
OD Outside Diameter Steel tubes for structural uses are measured according to their outside diameters
P.E Plain Ended Tubecon supplies plain ended steel conduit
S&S Screwed & Socketed Screwed to fit into each other. Tubecon supplies screwed and socketed galvanized steel conduit
P.E.U.C Plain Ended Uncoated Usually used when referring to steel water pipes. Tubecon supplies medium plain ended and uncoated water pipes